Are Cannabis Seeds Legal in Canada?

The choice of using medical marijuana or cannabis for recreational use in states that allow it raises questions about carrying the substance to other parts of the country and outside the US. One popular tourist destination for US citizens is the neighbour to the north, Canada. So, are cannabis seeds legal in Canada?

Laws About Cannabis in Canada

As the Farm Bill of 2018 passed in the US Congress, so too did Canada pass laws that allowed for the selling of cannabis seeds within its country. The law set out guidelines as to who could sell the seeds, where they could be shipped, and the limitations imposed.

During the same year, Canada also eliminated possession charges of cannabis for under 30 grams. Since most people who are not selling rarely carry more than 30 grams of cannabis, this has resulted in significant changes to how law enforcement addresses crime in the country.

In addition, people may share up to 30 grams of cannabis with other adults. Plus, the purchasing of fresh or dried cannabis and cannabis oil is now legal if it is done through a provincial retailer. Federally licensed producers may sell this amount of cannabis if they are in locations not regulated by the provincial governments.

Also, cannabis products such as beverages and food can be made at home as long as organic solvents are not used to create concentrated forms of the product.

All this is important information, but what many want to know is the answer to the question are cannabis seeds legal in Canada?

Can You Buy Cannabis Seeds in Canada?

Yes, you can purchase cannabis seeds. In fact, Canada has some of the most celebrated cannabis seed banks in the Western hemisphere. However, there are some stipulations that you need to be aware of before you make your purchase.

Novelty Purposes

Under Canadian law, cannabis seeds are completely legal to purchase if they are sold for “novelty purposes”. This is like retail and convenience stores in the US offering betting sheets on sporting events for “novelty purposes”. It seems to be language designed to get passed into law rather than having any practical effect.

It means if you are just buying seeds, that is perfectly legal whether you are using them for “novelty purposes” or not.

No Selling or Shipping

There are two major restrictions to purchasing cannabis seeds in Canada. They cannot be sold or shipped once the seeds have germinated. If they are still seeds, you can take them with you. And once you exit Canada, they can no longer do anything about it. But if you are still in Canada and the seeds have germinated, selling or shipping them is out of the question.

Manitoba & Quebec

While you can ship cannabis seeds within Canada, the two exceptions are Manitoba and Quebec. You may not ship either seeds or cannabis plants to either location.

Are cannabis seeds legal in Canada? Now you know the answer to that question. This and the answer to other questions about the different laws in this country will help you decide whether to take cannabis seeds or products across the border.

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