Coomb Cannabis: Cactus Breath Strain Review

Cactus Breath Strain Review

In this Cactus Breath strain review, we will cover what the product is, how it works, and what effect you might experience when taking it.

What is Cactus Breath?

Despite its name, Cactus Breath does not have any cactus found within its ingredients. Instead, it is a combination of two popular indicas Cactus and Mendo Breath. The Cactus is a cross between the indicas of Northern Lights and Afghani while Mendo Breath is mostly OG Kush. Putting the Cactus and the Breath together creates a unique product that has garnered considerable attention.

The very name Cactus Breath probably comes from its appearance and texture. It looks like something that fell off a cactus. Plus, the limbs and trichomes tend to stick to your fingers, albeit without the needles that you would find in cactus. But it is the scent and flavor that brings out the breath aspect of this product.


It is the mixture of herbs and garlic that give off a unique odor to cactus breath. In fact, the scent is such that for most people it does take a little time to get used to. However, while the mixture is quite unusual, many fans of cactus breath report that they not only become used to it but enjoy it over many other cannabis products.


There is a complexity to the flavor of cactus breath that may be surprising considering the complexity of the scent. It is not as strong in terms of taste as it is in terms of odor. That may be a big plus and even a welcome surprise for many who might be expecting something stronger.


Those who enjoy cactus breath say that it creates a mild euphoric feeling that also brings a level of tranquility. The relaxing effect is quite strong to the point where you should not make any immediate plans upon taking the product. The ever-present “couchlock” effect common with most cannabis products that contain moderate to high amounts of THC is a common feature of cactus breath.

THC Levels

The levels of THC will vary depending on where the cactus breath was cultivated. This means that you should check first before trying a new batch for THC levels. What can be stated is that cactus breath has arguably no more or less the average amount of other, similar products of cannabis on the market. This means that cactus breath is not the strongest, but it is potent enough for most people.


For those who are willing to try new cannabis products, cactus breath makes for a good option. Admittedly, the scent and consistency are not for everyone. But in terms of what people want when it comes to using cannabis, cactus breath has become quite popular for very good reasons.

Although this cactus breath strain review demonstrates that this product is not for everyone, it is for those who want a different experience when it comes to their cannabis. If you are interested in finding out more about this product, then contact Coombs Cannabis to find out more.

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