Amherst Sour Diesel


Amherst Sour Diesel is a sativa-dominant hybrid from BZAM with very strong THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) potency potential. It’s got a unique flavor identity from myrcene, caryophyllene and pinene, giving it distinctive notes of tropical fruit, citrus, wood and diesel. developed indoors, this small-batch cannabis strain is a proud result of BZAM’s ongoing genetic pheno-hunt, but you certainly don’t need to wear camouflage to partake. Wham. Zing. Whoosh. Everything just got better.

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Effect-wise, the strain makes users feel energized and ready for the world. Though its THC isn’t as high as some other higher strains, the effects tend to sneak up on users. Expect a burst of energy you usually wouldn’t associate with this strain type. It’s perfect to start your day before a big event that requires more energy.

Additional information

Weight 3.5 g

Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Pinene


22.00 – 28.00%  |  220.00 – 280.00 mg/g


0.00 – 1.00%  |  0.00 – 10.00 mg/g

Plant Type

Sativa Dominant




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