What Cannabis Product is Right for Me?

If you are considering cannabis for the treatment of pain, relief from symptoms caused by disease, or other medical issue, then you should know what to look for. Answering the question of what cannabis product is right for me starts with the understanding of the different strains that are present.

Why Choose Cannabis for Treatment?

There are good reasons why medical marijuana or cannabis is a recommended treatment for certain conditions. This is because the side effects tend to be less intense, and the overall treatment may be more effective

For pain relief, reduced inflammation, and overall relaxation, cannabis does offer several advantages. Its use must fit with the condition that it is treating for maximum effect. It is why there are different strains of cannabis which have their own mixture of properties.

Now that you understand the basics, you are ready to answer the question of what cannabis product is right for me?

How to Choose the Right Cannabis Product?

Everything starts with the basics. This means consulting with a specialist or recognized practitioner in the field of cannabis. While your physician is a good place to start if you are using cannabis to treat medical issues, many general practitioners do not have sufficient knowledge of the cannabidiol system.

Receiving guidance from a specialist in the field will provide the path towards using the cannabis products that result in the greatest success.


While friends and family that may be using cannabis for medical treatment is a good place to start, you should not limit your research to just who you know. However, it can be a great way to build up a list of recommended products.

Works Within Your Schedule

Is what you are seeking for daily treatment or for occasional use? Do you have a chronic condition, or do you experience pain, fatigue, or other symptoms because of what you do?

You will need to find a treatment plan that works within your schedule. Is this something you take at night before going to bed or something that is taken daily? Answering such questions will help you narrow the strains to find the right one.

Match the Results

Different strains of cannabis produce different results. This is because the mixture of THC and CBD is different for each strain. You may find for example that strains with higher levels of THC provide better results but may leave you unable to focus on work or important tasks.

However, you may discover that cannabis products with low levels of THC, but higher levels of CBD may provide the relaxation needed without the loss of focus. But the pain relief may not be as great.


From this list, you should get a strong idea of what cannabis product is right for me. However, you may need to experiment first before settling on one strain or product. Plus, you may undergo some changes that require a switch in cannabis products or strains, so be aware of what is out there for you.


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